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Growing up on his parents ranch in Van Alstyne, Texas, Austin Michael learned at a very early age to ride, rope, hunt and fish. Rodeo life seemed to be in the stars for the Texas native, however fate intercepted that dream. 


While singing in church, Austin was told time and again he had a really good voice. As he appreciated the compliments, he never thought about singing as a career. This was not until a family friend sent an iPhone recording to American Idol. 


He bypassed the pre-show auditions and was asked to be on the show. He was only 15 years old when he wound up on Luke Bryan’s shoulders roping Katy Perry. It became one of the most viral videos of American Idol’s 2019 season. The feedback on his vocal ability was the turning point for Austin as he started dedicating his life towards a career as an artist.


He has spent the last 4 years honing his songwriting and guitar playing skills, driving to Nashville, sleeping in his car, knocking on every door, hoping someone would let him in for a meeting. Through his relentless perseverance and a chance meeting in Nashville in June of 2022, he signed a management deal with L3 Entertainment, which is also home to Justin Moore.


Says L3 Entertainment President Pete Hartung, “Austin has the work ethic, the voice, the natural God given talent, the desire and drive to be a major force in our industry. We are very excited to welcome him to L3 as our newest artist.”


Since moving to Nashville, Austin continues writing with many of the top writers in the genre. Amassing +2 million streams within 6 months in 2023 and EP plans in the works, his constant release of singles is planned to continue for 2024.



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